Mediterranean beauty, turquoise waters and exclusive nightlife.
A rocky, white-washed island outcropping in the middle of the Aegean Sea that attracts travelers from all around the globe. Narrow white-washed cobblestones, bougainvillea trees, windmills with thatched roofs, turquoise waters and the warm sun compose the island’s extraordinary beauty.

According to mythology, the island was named after the hero “Mykonos”, son of Anios and grandson of the God of the Sun, Apollo. Its physical creation is said to be the result of a battle between the Olympian Gods and the Giants, during which Hercules buried the giants under the island’s rocky surface. Mykonos infuses the beauty and calmness of the Cyclades with a new reality of luxury accommodations, modern architecture, unique nightlife, luxury boutiques, crystal clear waters and fusion gastronomy. An island blessed with dozens of sun-scorched beaches, where the wind blows seductively and the sky vibrates primary hues. Mykonos boasts some of the most cosmopolitan, crowded beaches of the world, as well as unspoiled, pristine bays. All of them share something in common: their wild, unsurpassed beauty and crystalline vibrant waters. In Chora, the main part of the island, you will get lost strolling around the labyrinthine paved alleys. You will explore simple yet incredibly charming whitewashed buildings, chapels, sophisticated boutiques and renowned restaurants. The cuisine ranges from international flavors to local delicacies and Greek traditional recipes with a modern twist. The nightlife of the island is filled with glamour and extravagance. You will find nightclubs with minimal Cycladic aesthetic that host world famous DJs and beach bars, where you can dance barefoot on the sand. Mykonos is the homeplace of the most renowned Pelican, Petros. A bird who arrived wounded on the island and was saved and adopted by a fisherman, back in 1958. Petros passed away in 1985, however you will definitely cross paths with his “successors”. How to get here? There are several ways to choose from. During high season, more than xxx direct flights operate from the majority of the international airports. While in case you wish to enjoy the Mediterranean sea, you could still take the boat from the port of Piraeus or Rafina.